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joecozzi wrote:
Taloan wrote:
Only difference seems that @max the algos are linked to the hardware, @standard+maxout the algos are linked to my account… maybe thats important, when selling a used device maybe some years later

If you “MaxOut” a Core/Standard it becomes an H9 Max in Eventide’s system forever, regardless if that serial number changes owners.

Every Eventide account holder is allowed to MaxOut ONCE, so I would think twice about selling it in the future.

Hey Joe, is that ONCE per account, or ONCE per H9? I have five H9’s, with one MAX. I think we did this dance before, but I forgot the answer. I would assume I could MAX them individually, if I decided to sell one or two and keep the rest. For now, I’m keeping them all, but the bluetooth limit of 3, really taxes that decision daily. I don’t want to run USB everywhere, everytime, like I can in my studio.