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Eventide Staff
skywriter wrote:
Hey Joe, is that ONCE per account, or ONCE per H9? I have five H9's, with one MAX. I think we did this dance before, but I forgot the answer. I would assume I could MAX them individually, if I decided to sell one or two and keep the rest. For now, I'm keeping them all, but the bluetooth limit of 3, really taxes that decision daily. I don't want to run USB everywhere, everytime, like I can in my studio.

The MAX OUT program is once per account. If you already have a Max, that unit allows you to download the algorithms to up to four non-Max units, so long as they are registered to your account. If you want to upgrade another non-Max H9 to a Max using the MAX OUT program, you may only do it once. Then your account would show you as the owner of two Max units. You would NOT be able to convert any more non-Max units in the future.