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apalazzolo wrote:
…I forgot to mention that I did go through your Hotsawz list.  Although there is a lot of cool stuff there but I didn’t find anything close to a GR300 …

No, I don’t think I went for any classic emulations in that one.  I did stumble upon some ‘HotSawz Stragglers’ when looking up the presets below, though.  Brass, SCI Six-Trak; lots of random stuff that apparently didn’t make the cut, or came in late.

apalazzolo wrote:
…On Synthonizer, I put together a POORMANS FREQOUT based on a preset you made and mentioned above.  That was a clever use of Synthonizer.  I am attaching my best effort.  I also posted mine on The Gear Page while giving you attribution.  Please let me know if mine is anywhere near yours.  Thanks.

We were on the same page.  I think yours is closer to the spirit of a feedback simulation.  You took the approach of blending both sides of the dual effect as layered components.  Tastefully done.  It seems like you were using the EXP PED to fade in the feedback as needed.

There are a few places where I took a different approach.  I split the two sides up, so that I could easily switch (MIDI CC) between a “feedbacker” [A10+B0], and a more aggressive filter sweep [A0+B10].  Actually, my A side is closer to a mono synth doubletrack, with some portamento.

I’m using manual choking to control this effect.  I slathered it all in reverb, to smooth out tails & glitches, with the EXP PED pushing that to dry at the Toe.  An alternate preset here targets the VERB DECAY, for bending-time-&-space FX.  This is one quirky little reverb.  Weird bends & resets when switching patches, or tweaking.  

Either way, I dropped the main MIX down, so reverb wasn’t so overpowering.  I use the FLEX switching a lot (up an octave here), so that explains why my WAVE MIX A is ranged much lower.  Best of both worlds with octave switching.  On the B side, I like having all those SAWTOOTH harmonics to carve up; relying on the filter.

I have to say, the tracking wasn’t nearly as bad as I was remembering to be.  Or maybe my technique has gotten better.  This preset is at least 8 years old; off my PitchFactor.  Pre-H9s.