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HA!!!!!! The Flex switch!!!!!  It was right there staring me in the face!  Just the right tool for simulating a feedback harmonic.   I guess I got used to the idea that it was useless.

So the Freqout has two modes of operation.  Something like on/off and momentary.  I did intend expped use to simulate the momentary mode.  You can also leave the mix on 50/50 to simulate the on/off mode if you play long tones with a short rest between each.  It is only effective within limits but I bet the Freqout has a similar limitation.

That reverb IS interesting … I didn’t expect that pitch detune thing it does. 

Thanks for the input!

Regarding the GR300 thing, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to run a Hotsawz preset (I’ll start with factory preset Faux Horns) into the Synthonizer GR300 preset I posted above.  I’ll try something like a 50/50 mix.  I’m thinking double the processing power will create a more convincing simulation of that GR300 sound.  But lord only knows what trap for the unwary awaits me. We’ll see.