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WHAT ?????

How could I know that ???
I’ve just purchased my H9 for 300€ this day !!! Why would i have read your announcement in December since  I only decided in August to get an used H9 because i don’t have budget for any other H9 option !
I planned to buy these algorithms one by one and month by month, and now you tell me that i have to pay twice the price i’ve just paid for having more than ONE algo ?

I had bought ALL of your AUv3 apps on iPad and was naively hoping i could transfer them into a H9 Core…

Then it was a first frustration ; but now i realize i just can’t even load a single full price algorithm…

How could i figure that a simple update would make my choice so irrelevant : now i have a one-algorithm-blocked-H9 until i spare my money for a full bundle i don’t need and i can’t afford….


If only i could cancel that update……………………………..

I’m blown away.

Honestly, finding some clear informations about your H9 policy is a real pain, all is dispatched in community forums !
Can I, at least, know how much does cost a « discount max-out operation ?
I guess i couldn’t know when such a discount would happened…
I really hope you can understand my disappointment.