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Eventide Staff
PhaseShift wrote:


Just downloaded the new H9 Control app, looks really nice.

But it doesn’t seem to be able to read any of my previously saved .tide or .h9z files from my h9 folder

.tide files show an error saying Not a valid preset file

.h9z files show an error saying no presets or preset lists found

Don’t have any.syx fioes to check

Running on iPad Pro 9.7 (2016) iOS ver 14.7.1

Can you please give me more details? How did you import those preset files and where are those files located?

You need to put/move them in the H9 Control folder in the Files app. Here is a demo video: https://etide.io/8L8xD

After you move them to the app folder, close the app and reopen it, those presets should be imported automatically.