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joecozzi wrote:
zejj wrote:

Can I, at least, know how much does cost a « discount max-out operation ?

I guess i couldn’t know when such a discount would happened…

The MaxOut program is going on indefinitely. Go to this web page and click on “MaxOut” in red. You will need to login to your Eventide account to get a discount price: https://www.eventideaudio.com/products/stompboxes/multi-effect-processor/h9-max

Yup, this is what i read.

So, 280€ IS the actual discount price, uh ?

Your products are great ; responsiveness to forum users as well… but the information wasn’t obvious, nor the empathy for the confused customer I am…

You should make it truely clear to any potential buyer of a Core version. It doesn’t have sense anymore for the “small buyers”.
The guy who sold me this H9 didn’t have a clue about that new policy either….