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Eventide Staff
spp1207 wrote:

HELP please. Having similar issue here . On 2 different macs osx it plainly does not connect via bluetooth, All software on mac and h9 are up to date.On mz iphone the bluetooth connection does go through as both the blue lights on the right of the box are lit but when I login (as one must login to use bluetooth on H9), when I login on iPhone the message comes back saying in red "the given user name /password combination could not be found.

I have done all the usual stuff that is suggested, all software update, rebooted, turned on and off h9 pressed xyz butons to reset on and off the bluetooth…

The problem on iphone is not with the bluetooth connection that goes through. The bug is that the login is refused. And not I do not have a cable to do it via USB as it is not a connection problem via bluetooth to device iOs but rather a bug as one plainly cannot connect to the eventide user account via iPhone from the H9 control iOs that of course is also the latest version.

Help would be appreciated as I am near to giving it back to the store for a refund. Thank you.

Hi, please try resetting your Eventide password on our website, or email support@eventide.com to have our support help you change a simple password for you.