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162216 wrote:
although the bluetooth works, the led “bluetooth paired status” never lights up. I use H9 control on Android and on PC. All software is up to date (4.1) and the pedal software is up to date (5.9.0[2])

The blue LED light doesn’t light up when the H9 connects via Bluetooth on Android/Mac/Windows. That was a design mistake on our part. When the H9 was first released, we only supported connecting via Bluetooth to iOS devices, and that blue LED was wired up in a way so that it would only light up when connecting to iOS devices via Bluetooth.

162216 wrote:
Each time I click on a new algorithm, the H9 control displays the following message (see on the screenshot ) : «  communication error…. The stompbox is ont authorized to laod the given algorithm. If you own th algorithm, please use the restore purchase function to download it to the stompbox. (error code MessageConstants::sm_locked_alg)

If this is an algorithm you purchased previously, restoring purchases will correct this problem. On H9 Control, please go to the Settings screen and click “Sync algorithms with Eventide Sever.”

162216 wrote:
I also saw on the forum (https://www.eventideaudio.com/community/forum/stompboxes/h9-control-40-now-beta-testing ) that since version 4.1 of H9 control, there is no more “store” button in the software…..The very strange thing is that during my first use, I saw the “blind” button on the H9, with a coupon to dispisition and I could try an algorithm for 5 min. And during my 2nd use, a few hours later, everything was gone: no more store button, just an error message!!!

I’m very sorry you are having this issue. Back in December of last year, Eventide announced that it was discontinuing H9 Core and H9 Standard. We also said the Store and the ability to purchase algorithms would be going away in April. Just yesterday we released the latest version of H9 Control without the Store to give users more than ample time to purchase individual algorithms. But it’s understandable new users may not have been aware of these changes even though we have not advertised H9 Core or H9 Standard on our website since April 2021.


162216 wrote:
Is my pedal defective and should I send it back to the store where I bought it?

The authorized dealer should have been aware of these changes, as they were communicated back in November 2020 and reinforced through April 2021. Since this version of H9 is not satisfactory to you in its current state, you have two options: Return or exchange, or upgrade the unit to a Max version via our MaxOut program.

162216 wrote:
How do I go about buying algorithms?<

As mentioned, the only way is taking advantage of our MaxOut program. Go to this page and click “MaxOut” in red. Login using your Eventide account for the discounted MaxOut price: https://www.eventideaudio.com/products/stompboxes/multi-effect-processor/h9-max

Once again, I’m very sorry for this.