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nickrose wrote:

We had complaints that it looked dated. You can please some of the people ..

Better dated than the incoherent and inconsistent scribblings of a child with a fistful of crayons.  I updated the control app for the beta but have since gone back to the older (professional) version.    I, for one, am not going back to the “update”.

The H9 is musical wonderland.  So much of it was so well done.  After almost three years of working with it I’m still surprised and impressed with it. 

IMHO, however, the H9 has two significant (but easily corrected) flaws.  First, the new GUI is a big step backwards.  Second, the inability to control the output fader with the ribbon controller unnecessarily limits its live use (one needs to haul around extra level-shifting pedals as it is).  IMHO they are both unforced errors  Oh well, it is still a fabulous piece for what it gets right.