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Eventide Staff
rvk5150 wrote:
Just got the new micropitch delay after losing all my old gear to a flood…

Wow, I’m so very sorry to hear that. That’s horrible you were affected by a flood.

rvk5150 wrote:
With this new pedal can presets between users be shared like with the H9?

MicroPitch Delay users can share presets; however, H9 presets are not interchangeable with dot9 series pedals. In other words, you cannot use MicroPitch Delay presets on H9 or Vice versa

rvk5150 wrote:
Also…anyone know if you can get synthesizer (think 80’s) sounds from it?

No, MicroPitch Delay is not designed for generating any type of synth sounds. But using this effect on synths can definitely make it sound more ‘80s.