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bohan wrote:
tiresias wrote:

I updated to Control 4. I just used drag and drop from the ‘presets’ menu onto the H9 ‘preset list’ and very bizarre behaviour occurred. As well as replacing the preset at the location I made the drop, normal behaviour, the preset to the right of it was also deleted. Everything was moved to the left and an empty preset added at the end of the list. I realise this has happened a few times since I’ve been editing in the past couple of hours and now everything is out of whack. This is a total f***k up as far as my midi mapping is concerned and I have a gig tonight !!

Is this Normal?!

This is not normal. I couldn’t reproduce this issue. Could you please create a test preset list and try doing it a bit more, and let me know how the 2nd preset goes away? Details will be appreciated.

Please note that if you drag a preset out of the grid, it will be deleted and all the following presets move left a slot. Also, all changes are not saved until you click “Save” or “Back”->”Yes”. So you should be able to check your changes and confirm before too late.

I will try to reproduce it in a test list but that might behave differently to the Pedal list. Did you try reproducing it with the live pedal list?. When I clicked Save and confirmed Control rewrote the whole altered list to the Pedal.