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bohan wrote:
tiresias wrote:

I will try to reproduce it in a test list but that might behave differently to the Pedal list. Did you try reproducing it with the live pedal list?. When I clicked Save and confirmed Control rewrote the whole altered list to the Pedal.

Yes, I just tried drag&drop in the Pedal/H9 list screen and it worked as expected.

That’s strange. I just tried it again and it worked as expected both with Mac list and H9 list. I’m confused. I can’t work out what I did with the drag and drop to cause everything subsequent to that particular preset to be shifted, ergo rewriting all the shifted positions.

Ah, I’ve just found it. If you drag and drop and save then all is good but if whilst you are still in drag and drop mode and then double click on any preset to try and view it from that list it deletes the preset to its right.  Is that to be expected? That’s a glitch no?