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skywriter wrote:
nickrose wrote:

We had complaints that it looked dated. You can please some of the people ..

Nick, I get that. But really, the product was done. You closed it down, everyone was happy.

The app, since we have to have one, should be considered part of the instrument. I like the way my stuff looks. I like the way it works after all these years, and the way it presents itself. It felt like you snuck in my house while I was asleep and repainted my H9 and changed the knobs all around.

For what? New customers?

Now the INFO text is so small I can’t even read it any more. Please change THAT back at least.

I agree with you. I got so used to the old look and I liked it. No need to change that for me.

But can’t you just revert back to an older firmware? Then you have the old look but then you miss the new updates and features. Maybe it is an idea to have a choice if you want the old or new look? Don’t know how practical that is for Eventide though.