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Regarding the GR300 thing, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to run a Hotsawz preset (I’ll start with factory preset Faux Horns) into the Synthonizer GR300 preset I posted above.  I’ll try something like a 50/50 mix.  I’m thinking double the processing power will create a more convincing simulation of that GR300 sound.  But lord only knows what trap for the unwary awaits me. We’ll see.


Faux Horns doesn’t sound anything like the GR-300 I think. Just tried a GR-300 Hotsawz preset. It is very hard to get the exact sound from both Hotsawz and Synthonizer but it’s in the ballpark.

Thanks for bringing this topic up. It made me dive in the two synth algos again. Hadn’t done that for a long while. They both are nice but the tracking is not super great on both. Especially if you go from one string to the next or with string skips you have to be very careful. You get glitches very easily.

Let me know what you think of the GR-300 preset. You can adjust to taste of course….

Hey, thanks.  I think you are right that your preset is about as close as Hotsawz alone can come to a GR300.  One possible minor variant (improvement?) is to raise the OSC DEPTH to to about 47 or 53 to add some thickness … something like a detuned doubling.    But I’m hearing a distinct upper octave voice in Metheny’s GR300 sounds that I don’t hear in Hotsawz.  For that reason, I thought running a Hotsawz preset like yours (lower octave) in a Synthonizer preset like factory preset Trombone Factor (upper octave) might possibly be a winning combination.  Just an untested thought at the moment.

…. I think instead of trying to copy the GR300 sound for 100% it is better to enjoy the algos for what they are. They have some great sounds on their own. But on the other hand it is good to try to nail the Metheny sound because on the way you discover some nice other sounds and you get to know the algo better.

Well said.