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tiresias wrote:
bohan wrote:
tiresias wrote:

Ah, I’ve just found it. If you drag and drop and save then all is good but if whilst you are still in drag and drop mode and then double click on any preset to try and view it from that list it deletes the preset to its right.  Is that to be expected? That’s a glitch no?

That’s how it works. You are in Drag & Drop mode, so you cannot double click on a preset to edit it. The first time you click you select it. The second time you click it, you are supposed to drop it somewhere. If you release the mouse quickly and drop it no where, you are deleting this preset and all following presets move back 1 slot. If you’d like to keep that prest there, you can either:
1) Cancel your change by clicking “Back” and not saving.
2) Drop the preset on the left edge of the slot to put it back to its slot before releasing your mouse click.

Hey thanks for clarifying bohan, that makes sense. I’ve never used drag and drop within the grid. I’ve only used to drag from left column preset list onto the grid. I”ve always been confused trying to use it within the grid. it doesn’t make sense to me that if you drag something from a location a drop it then evertthing shifts left. it totally messes up any controller mapping for one thing. this also happens if there are empty slots between presets. E.g. I can drop a preset at position L20 creating multiple empty slots to the left but if I then drop something into one of those empty slots the preset at L20 still moves to L19. It’s totally illogical.

Like you, I have accidentally deleted presets by double clicking on occasion.  Fortunately, the “undo” feature saved the day for me.  As far as I know, that  “undo” only appears in one time and place: in the top right hand corner after you enter drag and drop mode, and take some action.  That may come in handy some day.