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I have a similar issue with pre/post.  I used an RJM Mastermind PBC MIDI controller.  It has loops for up to 10 pedals that can be assigned as 1-6 in front of the amp and 7-9 for the loop.  I ran the H9 input/output 1 into loop 6 (in front of the amp.  and input/output 2 into loop 9 (FX Loop) I assigned my presets appropriately so that the pitch based effects are pre (in front of the amp) and delay and reverb are post (in the loop).  Previously, I just had the H9 in the FX loop and dealt with it that way for years.  Actually, I don’t think pre/post was even an option back when I bought it.  I had read that you can split the signal using pre/post for the purpose of running the pitch based effects in front, where they like to be and then running the time based effects in the loop – where I like them.  I’m actually not writing this post for a solution, because I don’t believe there is one, but maybe I’m wrong.  For some people this works fine, but depending on what you have going on, noise does occur.  It’s too bad though because the H9 sounds fantastic like this (except for the noise).