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Eventide Staff
rivkamord wrote:
Is it possible that it has been upgraded to a MAX but still says CORE on power up?

No. Even if it’s a converted Max, it should say H9 Max

rivkamord wrote:
Also, the serial number on the unit has been removed. Is that a problem or can I still register the pedal?

You can check the serial number by going into the System Settings > Utility > Ser*. You can also try to pair with it via Bluetooth. The settings will show you the serial number of the pedal.

rivkamord wrote:
Just to make things more complicated the pedal is at the moment in a different country than I am so I have to figure these things out remotely

If you find the serial number, email me at jcozzi@eventide.com and I can tell you what kind of H9 it is in our system.