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Midievil wrote:
I was able to successfully scroll through the programs but I cannot get it to bypass the Rose and I don't grasp the idea of sending a PC as a bypass command.

The DPC-5 Gen3 handles bypassing differently than other MIDI controllers because Disaster Area implemented their own style of bypassing. Their controllers are not fully programmable in that you can not tell the controller to send EXACTLY the messages you need in order for MIDI pedals to do what you want. Disaster Area prefers to do all the pre-programming from factory and they indicate which pedals are fully implemented in the back of the DPC-5 Gen3 user manual. That being said because Rose would be controlled as a "GENERAL MIDI" device, the bypass command that the DPC-5 sends in this mode does not correspond to the CC# Eventide has designated at factory, which is CC#28. Disaster Area's way around this is to have you save the loop that Rose is on in bypass mode; you would need to set this in "Manual Mode" (or FOOT mode). So if you ever recall a preset and Rose needs to be bypassed, you can just take it out of the loop. The other option is saving the preset on Rose in bypass mode, so when you recall that preset it will start out bypassed. Then you'll have to press Active on Rose to activate it.

If this won't suffice, you may want to consider more programmable MIDI controller options. There are plenty that come with easy to use software. Even Disaster Area's MIDI Baby series are easier to program, in my opinion.

Midievil wrote:
Also, how would I get access to the other 25 patches from the hotswitch? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. The existing documentation for Rose and DPC-5 is minimal at best. TIA!!

The HOTSWITCH on Rose can only control Tap, INF repeat, Mod hold, Mod Reset, Alt A/B, phi, or delta, but changing presets is not one of them; that is, unless you consider going from A/B "changing presets."

Only an external 3-button Aux switch can be made to increment/decrement/Load presets, however, this will only allow you to scroll through the first five presets. To access beyond the 5th preset, you will need to use a MIDI controller.