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As I feared, I didn’t explain myself correctly by leaving out a significant detail. Or two.

Yes, 99 presets, not 98. I left the looper out in the cold. We’ve made up, though.

I really muddled my question, that’s for sure.

This is about MIDI, and attempting to load a preset I’ve created, not one of the 99 listed. I am able to easily grab a preset from that list and connect to a Program Change Number and control it with the MS-3. All is well in that regard.

The Program Change Receive Map starts the Program Change Number at zero, then gives the corresponding number of the preset and tells you which preset number matches that Program Change Number. Check. And I realize I can use any Program Change number for the 99 presets.

If I load Preset 1 (Solar Delay / ModEchoVerb for example) to Program Change number 0, it’s a breeze.

But if I tweak that preset, or any other, and save it one or two different ways, and want to attach it/ them to a preset number, there isn’t a preset number besides the 99.

Is this a correct way to say it? My USER presets do not have a preset number to attach to a PC Number. Am I locked in to only being able to load the listed 1-99 presets?

But wait!! I guess this would apply to ANY factory presets as well, not just USER. 

Example: I want a preset in TAPE ECHO, say, F9 Flutter Wow. How do I get THAT one? What preset number would I select to connect to a PC number? There isn’t a choice for it, or any of them outside of the 99.

I’m very sorry for dragging this out. I didn’t know exactly how to articulate what I needed. 

The H9 is a monster of a machine. Limitless creative possibilities. I know there must be a way to MIDI any specific preset.

Joecozzie, your beard might be too handsome to invite you to my house. Can’t have my wife distracted while she’s cooking. Too much salt might end up on the steak or something.

Sincerely though, thank ALL you guys and dolls for being so GREAT at helping us rookies grasp this stuff.