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HeyJeffrey wrote:
But if I tweak that preset, or any other, and save it one or two different ways, and want to attach it/ them to a preset number, there isn’t a preset number besides the 99. Is this a correct way to say it? My USER presets do not have a preset number to attach to a PC Number. Am I locked in to only being able to load the listed 1-99 presets?

If you are editing right on the pedal, you may only use one of the 99 slots to save custom changes. If you make parameter changes, and then press the “Preset” button to store, notice how the preset number flashes. Here you can turn the encoder to choose a location where you can store your edit. In essence, you would be overwriting whatever preset location you’ve chosen.

The default settings of the RCV.MAP is already setup to recall presets in order. You just have to program your MIDI controller to send a Program Change number plus 1 to accurate select the preset on H9. Example:

PC# 0 selects Preset 1 on H9
PC# 9 selected Preset 10 on H9

So, let’s say you edit Preset #4 on the H9 three times. You can either overwrite Preset #4 three times, or you can store all three versions on other preset numbers – Preset 5,6,7. You’ll have to adjust your MIDI controller PC messages accordingly.

If you are using H9 Control, you can create lists and store presets and edits of presets as many times as you want. The key thing to remember is that lists only go up to 99 presets, so wherever you put your presets, that will correspond to the preset number on the H9 it will overwrite when you download that list onto the H9.

I hope I haven’t been too verbose.

HeyJeffrey wrote:
Example: I want a preset in TAPE ECHO, say, F9 Flutter Wow. How do I get THAT one? What preset number would I select to connect to a PC number? There isn’t a choice for it, or any of them outside of the 99.

Again, if you will not be using H9 Control live, you will have to overwrite one of the 99 presets currently stored on the H9. Otherwise, to access that preset you will have to use H9 Control as that preset is stored directly on the device, NOT on the H9.

This is a very comprehensive video to learn how presets work on H9 and H9 Control. I highly recommend you watch it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lHXCu9H0Jek&list=PLhT2MsSeKiDw6X56B_cfGPhD4GeBd3MA4&index=25

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