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Eventide Staff
Big Lid wrote:
I’m not getting any effects from the H9, I’m going out 1/2 from ES-8 into in 1/2 H9.  H9 outs are going to two different amps.  I can get a dry sound but no effects in either amp.

Does this happen on every algorithm you use?

If you want to be able to control the balance between dry and wet signal, the pedal’s routing must be in “NORMAL” mode

Big Lid wrote:
I went to this config after having the H9 in the stereo loops of the ES-8 with the outputs of the ES-8 going to different amps but the problem was that I was getting a dry signal from one amp and a really quiet wet signal in the other amp.

This sounds like the pedal may have been in PRE/POST mode.

Big Lid wrote:
I’ve tried the different routing configs in the H9 (pre/post; normal; wet/dry) but I can’t get the sound I’m looking for which is a stereo wet signal.

I recommend you make sure your pedal is up to date with the latest firmware. Pairing it to H9 Control will allow you to verify.

Then, I would backup your presets and conduct a factory reset. Sometimes this is the quickest way to get the pedal functioning normally. The only other question I have is, do you want a completely wet signal (which sounds like Kill-dry mode), or do you want to be able to adjust the balance between dry and wet (Normal mode)?