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Hi PRSGuy, We’ve launched a new site today and are working to improve our services for our users. We weren’t satisfied with the current implementation of our preset sharing program as we felt it was underutilized, so we are working on reintroducing it in a way that would be more useful and accessible for users. Thanks for your interest, Kyle

Thanks!!  The ironic thing is I haven’t visited the site for awhile. I’m in the middle of implementing my H9 in a new way and was looking over the site for some information and must have coincidentally connected in the middle of the transition because one minute things were one way the next it was different and I couldn’t find the preset sharing page. I thought I was cracking up.🤪

I hope the preset sharing site is reimplemented to some degree. The H9 IMO is very easy to tweak and come up with sounds myself, but it was fun and often useful to check out the sounds of others. Thanks for getting back to me and the new site looks good so far!