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The H9 runs one of 52 algorithms at a time. Each algo performs one, two, three, or four different effects at a time, depending on the specifics of the algo.  Believe me, the guys who put these algos together chose the effects in each one wisely.  There are limitations; it is not infinitely flexible .. just ridiculously flexible.

For example, an algo named Modechoverb provides any one or combination of modulation (your choice of flange or chorus), echo (an analog style delay), and/or reverb; that’s why it’s called mod(ulation)-echo-(re)verb. That’s three effects at once.

Another algo called Spacetime provides any one or combination of chorus, dual digital delay, and/or reverb. That’s four effects at once.  This one is particularly powerful because the algo can change the effect routing (series vs parallel) too.

Do you want compression, volume pedal, and/or two bands of parametric eq (plus highpass and lowpass)? That algo is Eqcompressor.

Do you want distortion/fuzz, eq, and/or autowah, or manual wah? That’s an algo named Sculpt.

… leslie and/or reverb? Spacetime.

…analog chorus and/or analog style delay? Vintage delay.

…pitchshift/chorus and/or digital delay Micropitch.

… delay, fuzz, and/or harmonizer? Pitchfuzz.

… stereo leslie, stereo chorus, or stereo flange? Tricerachorus.

… harmonic trem, or optical trem, or bias trem, or squarewave/chop, all with or without overdrive? Harmadillo.

… octave and/or dual delay? H910 H949

… and I could go on for 1/2 hour.

Plus, one can morph between any of these effect combinations in real time with an expression pedal. Plus, in 22 of the 52 algos, one can switch between the effect combinations (in real time with no glitch or lag) with a footswitch (called the Hotswitch).