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Hey thanks very much!  No, I hadn’t seen that although I’ve referenced some of Leon’s other videos trying to get the Symphonic tone.  I just finished watching this and trying out a flanger never even crossed my mind so I’ll have to give that a shot when I have some time on the H9, so thank you!

I’ve read that Symphonic chorus was a multi-voice chorus, so I’m just trying to see if Tricerachorus cops that sound any more accurately than the Modfactor Chorus in the H9.

I know the H3000 achieved the Symphonic patch using Eventide’s Swept Combs algorithm.  Can anyone from Eventide comment if any piece of that Swept Combs algo was ported into the H9 under another name?  I don’t think it was…

Again that original post by Brock using the single voice chorus sounds great.  If that’s the closest I can get to that Symphonic tone  I’m DEFINETLY ok with it!  I’m just interested to see if I can get something closer now that we have Tricerachorus.  Always loved the sound of those first 2 Ozzy albums with Zakk and really want to get as close to that as I can.

If I come up with something worthwhile I’ll post it here.