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      Wondering if anyone has, or can come up with a Tricerachorus preset for the H9 that copies the SPX90 Symphonic Chorus sound?  I know a user named Brock posted a pretty awesome sounding preset a few years back using the Modfactor Chorus algo.  I’m just curious now if that Symphonic effect is any more easily attainable now with the Tricerchorus algo (which wasn’t yet released when the Modfactor SPX90 preset was posted).   I don’t have access to that old rack unit or I wouldn’t be posting this.  Also, if I remember right the H3000SE had a Symphonic preset that also nailed ‘that’ tone.  LOVE to have the H9 equivalent if such a setting exists or is attainable!

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      I dont know if you may have seen this or if it will be of any help. It’s older and is before the Tricerachorus algo was introduced. However, it goes into some of details of the parameters that make that sound happen regardless of the device. It straddles the area between a chorus and a flanger in just the right way. Anyway, thought I would post it.

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      Hey thanks very much!  No, I hadn’t seen that although I’ve referenced some of Leon’s other videos trying to get the Symphonic tone.  I just finished watching this and trying out a flanger never even crossed my mind so I’ll have to give that a shot when I have some time on the H9, so thank you!

      I’ve read that Symphonic chorus was a multi-voice chorus, so I’m just trying to see if Tricerachorus cops that sound any more accurately than the Modfactor Chorus in the H9.

      I know the H3000 achieved the Symphonic patch using Eventide’s Swept Combs algorithm.  Can anyone from Eventide comment if any piece of that Swept Combs algo was ported into the H9 under another name?  I don’t think it was…

      Again that original post by Brock using the single voice chorus sounds great.  If that’s the closest I can get to that Symphonic tone  I’m DEFINETLY ok with it!  I’m just interested to see if I can get something closer now that we have Tricerachorus.  Always loved the sound of those first 2 Ozzy albums with Zakk and really want to get as close to that as I can.

      If I come up with something worthwhile I’ll post it here.

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      John Baylies

      > Can anyone from Eventide comment if any piece of that Swept Combs algo was ported into the H9 under another name?

      AFAIK, Swept Reverb made it into ModEchoVerb, but I don’t think Swept Combs made it into any other H9 algorithms, unless it’s in Glorious Flange Canyon.

      ModEchoVerb is based on a popular reverb structure from the Eventide H8000 that brought about such presets as ‘Echo Space of God’ and ‘Glorious Flange Canyon.’ It feeds the output of an infinite reverb into an infinite feedback delay and slathers on an extra helping of modulation. The modulation choices are H3000-type swept verb, flanging, or chorusing. ModEchoVerb is incredibly versatile and can be used as a standalone reverb, delay, chorus/flanger, or any combination of the three. [INF] and [FREEZE] are available on the [DECAY] knob. During [FREEZE] the signal is rerouted to allow for parallel modulation/delay over the frozen section. Have fun.

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      Thank you John!!

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      I don’t know if this is relevant but Resonator states that, “Resonator staggers 4 resonant comb filters to create ambient, arpeggiated, or reverberant sounds. Each comb filter can be tuned to ring out when you play the note selected by the respective “NOTE” knob. This creates dynamic effects that react with more or less intensity based on the harmonic content of the input audio.”

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