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Once you become fluent with the H9 you’ll develop favorites and limitations will appear.  For example, if you fall in love with the Blackhole reverb and Tricerachorus chorus you’ll start to curse the H9 because, sure, Spacetime provides reverb and chorus but NOT THAT reverb with THAT chorus at the same time.

That’s when it’s time to get a second H9 because then you’ll know the pedal (which takes some time).  Then a used H9 CORE at $250 or $300 is a huge bargain because you get the whole thing again for the cost of one other pedal.  Plus, there is no learning curve at that point.

Keep an open mind and surprising things will appear.  For example, Resonator intimidated the hell out of me for a while because it had a Resonance knob and 4 Note knobs.  I learned to use those but more importantly I learned that none of them do anything if Resonance is set to zero.  It also means that with Resonance set to zero Resonator is a simple delay and reverb algo … and it’s a great one too.