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Hi PRSGUY513. Yep, you are right about the basic point of AUM. Having said that, my setup does allow for me to send any signal back or forth to the H9 and other gear since I have the “real” instruments and hardware hooked up to a Tascam mixer/recorder. So I have a couple of send loops going to the iOS world via an Apogee Jam / USB host / Camera Connection kit. Rather convoluted, huh? Anyway, I can push back and forth signals to the H9. But to have it all working with the H9 effecting a live signal back to the iOS / AUM … not yet.

Ahh, OK I get what your doing. That’s definitely a way to integrate things to a degree. I’m have been just starting to devise a small platform using a Fractal FM3, H9, iPad and interface. I never thought I would not be using a real tube guitar amp and cabinet, but I’m getting too old to lug stuff around or even play at high volumes at home, etc. I wish I could help you more. Instead you may have helped me. I’m going to look into the AUM software. Could be a problem solver or at least make things easier. Thanks!!