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when I try to install the latest plugins onto an M1 iMac with Monterey I am getting an error when the installer is trying to copy the files into the default location “Error copying file from /Users/(username)/ Documents/Eventide/Blackhole to /Users/ (Username)/Music/Eventide” (username) replaced. only thing I did did apart from defaults, was to deselect all plugin types apart from Audio Units and the documentation. I have tried several times, rebooted, same results. I also get the same with H9 Bundle as well as Anthology. when I look in the destination directory, it does create the folder for the plugin, but it is empty

Hi there

Im getting this copying error too for the new installer but using Catalina, it also seems to have stopped my previous installation from showing up in my plugins now so I dont have use of Eventide at all

Hope you can help