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When i activate loop 1 doesent sound it only sound Dry… When i activate on loop 5 sound perfect…

Please keep in mind that if a preset is set to function as PRE, you will not get sound going through In/Out 2. You must create a preset that functions in POST mode for this. In other words, if you want your effect to use loop 5, it should be POST. If the signal routing calls for the H9 to be in loop 1, the preset on it should be set to PRE. It’s either one or the other but not both at the same time. This works great when using the H9 using 4CM, but when you’re using two loops on a switcher, you still can only using one routing at a time. This is fixable using MIDI – when you press a button it sends a command to change the preset to PRE and open up loop 1. Press another button, and it changes the preset to a POST one while opening up loop 5, etc.