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I confess that I’m green and haven’t tried many other high-end plug-in EQs but Split EQ is my favorite EQ I have ever tried! I hear so much through it and the feel is more precise and expressive than my other EQs. I am really excited about the work I’ve been able to do with the demo. These two things have me wondering, though: Can you please explain more about Precision Drag? When I hold down (Big Sur 11.6) Command + Drag a handle, it doesn’t feel like the handle moves more slowly and it doesn’t keep locked on Frequency. What is it doing or supposed to do, if not that? I’d like to do that/those things. I DON’T like the way UNDO is working. Every time I need to undo, Command + Z brings me back to the original state in tiny waypoint increments and I have to UNDO an unreasonable amount of times to get back to where the handle was placed before. This makes it so I lose track of when I actually arrive at the previous location and accidentally go past it and start undoing previously settled decisions, accidentally. And it takes too long and takes me out of my flow and makes me not want to experiment because undoing moves is painful. Is this incremental undo by design?


As the other comment mentioned, you should be able to get precision adjustments to work if you click the parameter first and then hold command while adjusting the parameter. We’re working on a fix for this so that it works when first holding command and then clicking/adjusting.

For your Undo issues, are you using Ableton? We’re looking into an issue with Ableton’s native undo for some parameter adjustments that sounds like what you’ve described. As a temporary solution, you can use SplitEq’s built-in undo/redo functions at to top of the plug-in window and that should work better for you.

Thanks for the feedback!