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Hey, I’ve been testing SplitEQ and it’s absolutely amazing. My only caveat has been that I can’t use it as my go-to EQ because I work a lot with Voiceover and it’s just not transparent enough – there’s quite an audible difference when I A/B between SplitEQ, and Fabfilter Pro Q3 with the linear phase option activated.

Are there any thoughts to add a linear phase option? This would make this the absolute ultimate EQ for me.

Also would be great if it’s possible to do a precision drag vertically where the horizontal axis is locked

Other than that amazing work!!

You can restrict horizontally by dragging the up/down arrows on the band editor instead of the handles. If you’re really into a very powerful and precise way to control EQ accurately and are on PC, I highly suggest buying a Surface Dial and installing a program called Elephant. Elephant allows you to click anything and then adjust the value with the dial. Works amazingly well in SplitEQ, Fabfilter, all VSTs in fact. Nice little demo of a mastering engineer using it here. It’s now in v2 and has come a long way since v1.