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I agree, this product installation is a nightmare !

It took me 3 days to figure out what the procedure is because no one has pointed me to the installation document (video). Finally, I have seen it and the way it is done is quite unusual, hence it is still not working right for many.

In my case I can see my license installed and activated ( IT TOOK ME 3 DAYS TO GET TO THIS STAGE) but I do not see the plugin on the list.

Installation program i total crap because it  asks to install folder for VST2 but not VST3  (although at the beginning it allows to check. uncheck VST2/3.
I have no idea where my files go and what their names are.

I scanned the VST’s in LIVE11 and I do not see it. I don’t even know what the name of the plugin I am looking for. Obviously nothing shows up under SplitEQ or Eventide.  I have sent 2 Emails through support and 3 days later no reply, nothing,…

That is not definitely a good start with this vendor 🙁