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I had a great experience with the Eventide team getting this exact same issue resolved. It only took two days the week before Thanksgiving. I saw they have responded here so you’ll be good to go shortly.

You’ll likely want to do a software upgrade if available and the pedal you purchased isn’t current. It can take a little while to do so plan accordingly.

It gave me time to look into other features I had forgotten about or never used before. So Much power and flexibility. I use the H9’s tuner now as it freed up space on my pedal board for a 2nd H9. I had also forgotten the looper feature and I’m learning that along with setting a Barn3 switch to enable it start/stop.

The last thing I discovered was the ability to change the device name which is then reflected in the iPhone’s Blue Tube device list. This is important for me as I a total of three H9’s on two different boards and depending on which one I take to play out it eases the setup with my iPhone when we load in. I added labels to pedals themselves too.