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SplitEQ is certainly a CPU intensive plugin, due to the transient / tonal splitting algorithm. We have a ticket in our system to further investigate optimization of the split (as well as the whole plugin), but at a certain point further optimization would not be possible and you’d start trading CPU cycles for quality. FWIW, we’ve spent significant effort getting the plugin as zippy as we can, but there are likely some further optimizations we could explore.

Most modern DAWs run separate track processing across CPU cores, so you should find that even if the first instance takes 10%, subsequent instances of SplitEQ on other tracks will not keep adding 10% to the total usage. Additionally, SplitEQ shares some resources amongst multiple instances, so RAM shouldn’t skyrocket either.

You could try using larger buffer sizes to improve the CPU usage as well.

Currently you can see the version number of the plugin by hovering over the Eventide logo in the top right. We’ll also consider adding this to the “Info” dropdown menu.

Hope that helps,