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Maybe I should have been more precise: I was struggling to find the chapter first as there seems to be an issue with my html installation of the guide. Searching for “adding fx chains” would deliver no result so I was basically trying to find my way somehow.

I think what makes the guide a bit hard to navigate for me personally is the different perspective you and I obviously look at it. You are trying to explain the UI and its functionalities and as adding a FX Chain is a subset of the Browser window functionality you explain it there. Since as a new user I may have no concept that the Browser window is the enabler, I would be most likely searching for a chapert called “FX Chains”, hoping to find an explanation on how to use whatever function or UI is necessary to make it happen. Basically printed guides ie for cars are done that way and I feel it is very effective if you just need to find things quick. Again, YMMV