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Is there a way to use the H9 as a volume pedal with an expression pedal with one of the algos?

Page 14 of the H9 Manual explains how to do this. You may assign your expression pedal to control volume pre or post effect and it can be programmed globally or on a preset basis. I recommend using this on a preset basis so the expression pedal can be used for traditional expression mappings on other presets; once the EXP input is designated for input or output swell it cannot be used for parameter control.

today tried the Whammy with the Pitch Flex algo. The sound on itself is good. But the transition in pitch is not smooth but very stepwise. Is there a way to improve that or is it the best it can do?

Do you have H9 Control paired to the H9 while you’re using the expression pedal with the PitchFlex algorithm? If so, unpair the H9 from the mobile device. Then, try using the expression pedal without having the H9 paired.