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Do you have H9 Control paired to the H9 while you’re using the expression pedal with the PitchFlex algorithm? If so, unpair the H9 from the mobile device. Then, try using the expression pedal without having the H9 paired.

As for the volume pedal: just checked it out. That’s exactly what I needed!! It works great but there is one thing that I noticed not sure if it is a bug. I use it for volume swell on delays so I selected input (per preset). When I have my expression pedal in heel/off position I can still hear a slight sound. It is very soft but it is there when you listen closely. I have tested with two different expression pedals that are both calibrated. Also detached H9 control. Can you check for me if this is a bug?

As for the Pitch Flex/Whammy: I also tested it without H9 control. But the stepping motion is still there. It is not as smooth as a real Whammy pedal or the Whammy in my Axe fx (using the same expression pedal). I have read the same complaint about the stepping motion in the Pitch Flex algo by others. Is there a way to improve this in a firmware update?

Thanks for your great help!