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With regards to the PitchFlex, does the pitch-shifting sound smooth when you press the FLEX button on H9 Control? That’s how it’s supposed to sound with your expression pedal. Which expression pedal are you using?

I have tested it again today with an EV-5 and Maudio expression pedal. Both give exactly the same results. Also tried different algos. With the volume delay swell at first you hear any leaking sound coming through in heel position when but when you rock the pedal a few times and go back to heel position and keep it there and pick some new notes you hear the repeats of the newly played notes softly coming through. Can someone test this for me?

As for the Whammy. With the flex knob it seems to be a little smoother than with the expression pedal. It is not that you hear major stepping but there is some slight stepping which makes it less smooth than the real Whammy or Axe fx whammy.

I use firmware 3.7.4 so the second latest. Did anything change in fw 4 with regards to these issues? I prefer the old style look and workflow of the H9 control. So if it is not really necessary and nothing changed with above things I don’t want to go to fw4.