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I too have decided to forego the latest software update because I prefer the older look and feel of the gui.

I never liked the response of the level control option described by Joe Cozzi.  Maybe it’s better now (as mentioned by Nick Rose), I just don’t know.

What I do know is that the “trim” control on the EQCompressor algorithm provides excellent volume control. In part this is because the range can be set like most parameters.  It also provides a boost if you want it (the other method doesn’t).

You can also implement a straight up volume pedal using MIDI to control the OUTPUT fader.  This too allows the range to be set and for a boost.

Ultratap can also be used as a straight up volume pedal.  IIRC you set the “chop” control to “expression pedal”,  set the “mix” to “100” and turn the delay off except set “taps” to “1”.   Since that is an input volume control and the taps comes after it, you could also turn the delay on  (this would allow control of the input of the delay) … you’ll prolly want to adjust the “mix” to taste too.

You said you were controlling a delay but, I’m not sure how you have things set up.  In case it is relevant I’ll also note that PitchFuzz can be set up so that an expression pedal can control the amount of delay from zero to a lot (as you move the treadle) while your dry signal remains constant.  I use this to selectively add some delay to a note or two here and there.  I loosely call that spillover delay since turning the treadle to off allows the repeats to continue (but it’s not quite accurate).  Here is a preset for that:


Set the low end of the “pitch amount” range to 0.9 or 1.0 if you want zero delay with the treadle off.  Set the  low end of the “pitch amount” range to 1.1 or 1.2 if you want a little delay with the treadle off.   Naturally, adjust the delay to taste.

Good luck!