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I’m afraid this may likely be a fatal flaw for you. I don’t think there will be further product development outside of the errant bug fix for the H9. You just may not like the phaser algo in this pedal (and that’s perfectly ok).

Thank you both for the responses. I have experimented a lot with the phaser algo since I am a bit of a phaser freak. I can get some good sounds out of it so I am not unhappy with the algo. But it is a bit hard to find the really sweet spots for basic analog phaser type sound. A pedal like the Phase 90 script for example only has sweet spots and it just has one knob. I have that pedal and I was trying to recreate that sound but I had a hard time finding the right frequencies. I tried different types. Seems like the depth knob is adding some lows and muddiness in the positive and phaseX0 types.