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I found that if I didnt connect via bluetooth, it smoothed out. I haven’t checked it out in quite a few update iterations, but you could try it.

Thanks. It doesn’t matter if i connect with the H9 control or not. It is the same. I especially notice it in the beginning from heel to toe. It seems to jump from from 0 to 1 pitch (first 1/2 tone) and after that it goes smoother. It is not a big deal though.

What bothers me more is the volume swell leaking showed in above video. Can anybody please check it with their expression pedal please? I want to know if it is a bug with the input/output volume thing or if the fault is on my side. I have tested with two expression pedals, only H9 and guitar, no other pedals in between. With or without H9 attached doesn’t make a difference. Thanks.