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Your problem has been haunting musicians since at least 1983.  There is no standardization for labeling MIDI Program Changes.  I suspect that your controller manufacturer chose PC 1-128.  MicroPitch receives PC 1-127.  [That would be a PC=0-127 ‘standard’, and I’ll speculate that PC=0 brings up the ‘edit buffer’: the currently loaded preset that you can adjust with the front panel].

Not much you can do about that easily, beyond the mental math.  There are hardware & software options to do the ‘off by one’ conversions.  You may run into the same lack of standardization for MIDI Channels [0-15, or 1 through 16].  And don’t get me started on where middle C is on the MIDI Note range [at least 3 different conventions].

Bottom Line:  There are standard ranges of MIDI PCs, MIDI Channels, and MIDI Notes.  Byte-wise, they are identical.  But how each manufacturer chooses to label them can be different.