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      Hi guys,

      I, have a little problem with a midi program change, what I can’t solved yet. Maybe someone… 🙂

      Starting point Preset 1.

      When I send PC 1 message to the pedal, the LED on the pedal is lit in a first position.

      When I send PC 2 message, the LED also lit in a first position. When I send PC3, the second LED lit, PC4 third, PC5 fourth, and so on.

      Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?

      Thanks for the help!



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      Your problem has been haunting musicians since at least 1983.  There is no standardization for labeling MIDI Program Changes.  I suspect that your controller manufacturer chose PC 1-128.  MicroPitch receives PC 1-127.  [That would be a PC=0-127 ‘standard’, and I’ll speculate that PC=0 brings up the ‘edit buffer’: the currently loaded preset that you can adjust with the front panel].

      Not much you can do about that easily, beyond the mental math.  There are hardware & software options to do the ‘off by one’ conversions.  You may run into the same lack of standardization for MIDI Channels [0-15, or 1 through 16].  And don’t get me started on where middle C is on the MIDI Note range [at least 3 different conventions].

      Bottom Line:  There are standard ranges of MIDI PCs, MIDI Channels, and MIDI Notes.  Byte-wise, they are identical.  But how each manufacturer chooses to label them can be different.

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      Eventide Staff

      Just to clarify how the dot9 series pedals work, a program change command from a controller is a 1:1 function meaning PC1 equals preset 1, PC2 equals preset 2, PC3 gets you preset 3, and so forth. Since there is no way to change this mapping on the pedal side, incongruent mappings such as you’re experiencing @mnkristof leads me to believe that something may not be programmed correctly on the MIDI controller side.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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