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Unfortunately, there is no way to convert the H9 presets to work with the Quadravox plug-in. Since the architecture and UI of the plug-in are different, it can be difficult to reproduce the exact preset, but I think this recreation I made is pretty close: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/presets/tide/430ms+.A..B.CD.tide

A tip for recreating the H9 presets: set all voices to unison, and then turn the Pitch Mix parameter all the way counter clockwise. This will make it so you’re only hearing voices A and C or 1 and 3 on the plug-in. Once you have configured these using the plug-in, set the Pitch Mix on the H9 all the way clockwise so you’re only hearing B and D, and then setup you’re voices for 2 and 4 on the plug-in.