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Thank you very much for your response!

Er….I’m pretty sure I am reading this carefully 🙂 as for the UM being the ‘latest’ version, it was the User Guide supplied with the unit, a few months ago, I’m assuming it isn’t out of date already?]

Page 13 Setting Input Level/Peak and Signal LEDs

Nothing about swell, nothing about EXP pedals,  I didn’t mention those anywhere :  only about what would be usual practice to lower input level if the front end is clipping – all perfectly as described in the manual.

Only – the following steps [EXACTLY as per the UM] don’t work.

If you follow the instructions:

1. With Preset Active, press and hold the Left Footswitch [the only bit here I’m not 100% sure of is the accurate definition of ‘Preset Active’, I assume it just means you have the preset loaded that you want to modify and it says the name of it on the screen]

2. After holding for 2 secs the display will show current input level gain setting [IN+0] [default value] it only displays Out +0 – not IN

3. Turn the knob to adjust output level from 0db [IN+0 to +db [IN+12] 1 in 1db increments.

All completely as you’d expect for adjusting a Clipping input, apart from the fact is says from 0db as your starting point and not a minus db possibility which is a bit odd.

BUT – the above procedure doesn’t do that

It only tells me the Out + 0   output level.

The H9 does not have a way to reduce input gain,

That seems to contradict what it says on Page 13 of the Use Guide which states:

Adjust the H9’s input level for best audio performance…….reduce the input level either by reducing the signal level fed to the H9 or by setting the H9’s input gain to a lower level

So it seems it does have a way to reduce the input level, maybe just not one that goes below 0db or one that’s accessible as described in the User Guide

– correct?

Thank you so much for your help and attention here.