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Thank you for that rapid resolution, kborst.  My apologies; it looks like I let some frustration show.

It’s a good collection of forums.  More civil than most almost every one out there.  TS questions get a response very quickly; often accompanied by a pertinent video.  Plus follow-ups.  There are many peer-to-peer exchanges of ideas & techniques here.  In the early years, there’s an encyclopedia of details, straight from the Eventide engineers & founders directly involved.  Everything Eventide.

But you’ve got to be able to find that, and/or respond in kind.  I know the staff is working on it.  Coupled with small shop, priorities, launch before the  holidays, supply chain issues, dot9 barrage, video production ramp-up, the Big “C”, …

But I felt like I should point some (perhaps obvious) glitches out.  Thanks again for addressing this one.