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Eventide Staff

Hi Steve,

This isn’t an error on your part. The H8000 has a global “timer” parameter that the long delay looper algorithms used, and this is not currently implemented in the H9000, so that’s why some features of these algorithms are not functioning correctly. The Reich loop algorithms in particular have many parameters that are based off the timer, so unfortunately these do not currently work well on the H9000. Also, because these looper algorithms want to follow the “timer”, which is different than the global tempo control, these algorithms don’t work with Tempo Mode on the H9000. We’re looking into a fix for these issues.

Most of the other looper algorithms still function well on the H9000, they just need to be configured correctly. Note that you won’t be able to use the “#BARS” parameters to determine the loop lengths and you will have to manually configure each loop length instead. For example, if you use the 719 Mobius Loops algorithm, ignore the timer and #BARS, and manually set the time for Loop1 and Loop2. Toggling between Loop1 and Loop2 in the “LOOP PARAMS” page will determine which loop you are recording on. Also note that many of the looper algorithms have quad outputs, so make sure you are monitoring all 4 outputs of the algorithm for the full effect.

Some other other looper algorithms I would suggest checking out are the Skew Loops and Rotation Loop. September Canons is also a good one that will follow the tempo of the H9000 if Tempo Mode is engaged, but this has a shorter delay time compared to the long delay loopers.

Sorry for this inconvenience and for the confusion this has caused you.