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Eventide Staff

Hello wktk,

1. Your H9 is working fine. The Presets description on Page 7 should change to say that the display can be used to see Preset and Algorithm names. The description for the actual Presets button on page 8, however, is correct, as it reads “When a Preset is loaded the full Preset Name will scroll once across the display.” When the preset is selected, you can press the Presets button twice to show the algorithm name.

2. Correct, when in preset/algorithm select mode, pushing the big knob once will allow you to scroll through presets/algs in greater increments. If you press the big knob again, it goes back to consecutive function. This is used so that someone who wants to go from preset 1 to 90 (or whatever) doesn’t have to do so in an incremental manner, but rather, skip many presets in the process.

3. The H9 shows 0.”algorithm name” because it recalls the algorithm but it uses a default preset. The H9 can only store up to 99 presets. We gave users the ability to search for algorithms, but it doesn’t mean you get access to the 500+ presets available on H9 Control; that’s why we can’t search for presets under a particular algorithm. Thus, when you search for a specific algorithm, we show it as a “0” (zero) preset to remind you that it’s not an onboard preset, but rather, one you can immediately edit and store to an onboard location.

You’re right, it’s not in the manual. We’ll definitely add it in. Thanks for pointing that out.