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Thanks Joe
Maybe I am not being clear but…
…yes, FS3X is mapped via the SYSTEM/AUX SW options so that NXT and LST (inc/dec) are  ‘T+R’ and ‘RING’
I am not sure if a FS3X set up like that generates an actual MIDI Progam Change, but it does shift the patches (presets, whatever they’re called) +1 or -1

It would be so cool if this worked, because then the external MIDI controllers would work nicely, and there wold be a robust failsafe inc/dec

fwiw: I have the

  • Arturia 49 essentials (which is easy to set up so different knobs generate different CCs on different MIDI Channels)
  • KMI Softstep (which “could” do the inc/dec but I wanted to keep for other purposes

also, as you see, I do not 100% trust MIDI…